What is Colloidal Silver: Natural Defense for the H1N1 Swine Flu?

Colloidal Silver, a pure mineral element that is sold in supplemental form, has been used for years as a natural remedy for a long list of infectious ailments. The main debate with colloidal silver is its effectiveness and safety. With concerns rising about the safety of the swine flu vaccine that is set to be available in mid-October, many people are considering alternative forms of swine flu prevention. In the Mail Online article “Swine Flu Jab Link to Killer Disease,” written by Jo MacFarlane, there are concerns that another outbreak of neurological disorders may occur, mirroring the 1976 flu vaccination.

What is Colloidal Silver Natural Remedy

Colloidal Silver, usually marketed as a pure mineral element in a consumable liquid or spray that can be applied directly to the skin, is a liquid that contains minute particles of silver, such as those found in dental fillings and jewelry. As a natural remedy, manufacturers of colloidal silver market this product as an alternative to antibiotics. It is claimed to be suitable to boost immunity levels, and is recommended to be taken regularly, on a daily basis, to ward off impending infections.

How Colloidal Silver Works
According to Herbal Remedies, an internet site that carries natural remedies, colloidal silver is safe for all life forms, including humans and pets. Herbal Remedies claims that colloidal silver works differently than antibiotics, leaving the beneficial enzymes intact while still destroying infection in the body. The product can also be used in gardens to destroy fungal and viral attacks on plants.
Colloidal Silver is said to be effective against all sorts of illness, including acne, fungal infections, viral infections (such as the swine flu), bacterial infections, and the list goes on. Although not many side effects have been reported, many long-term users have been noted to have a change in skin color from a natural tone to blue due to the silver’s properties (also referred to as “the blue man”).

Colloidal Silver Dangers

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Dr Brent A Bauer, Mayo Clinic internist, believes that colloidal silver can in fact be dangerous, leading to a build-up of the product over time in the body tissues, which leads to the blue-colored skin that some users see as a side effect. According to Bauer, this is irreversible, although not life-threatening. Overdoses can lead to serious conditions, as with any product, such as seizures, kidney damage, and skin irritation.

Should Consumers use Colloidal Silver
As a natural remedy, colloidal silver appears to be a viable alternative to certain antibiotics and vaccinations. Before trying an herbal supplement, it is always wise to seek a doctor’s advice. With conflicting dating on colloidal silver, only a qualified physician should determine what is best for each individual case.