How To Turn Your R5 Mandela Coin Into R5000

Have you been lucky enough to get your hands on a Mandela R5 coin? If so, there is a good chance that you’re eager to transfer it into 5,000 Rand or even more. The Mandela coin is one of the most sought after. Therefore, it is worth a pretty penny. Of course, it is important to understand that there are several different types of R5 Mandela coins and they’re not all equal. Within this comprehensive guide, you will learn all about these coins and how to turn yours into R5000.

Types Of Mandela Coins

Now, you should know that there are several different types of Mandela coins. The biggest differential between them is the time in which they were released to the public. In 2008, the Nelson Mandela 90th birthday coin was released. Today, this is considered to be one of the rarest coins of all. As the name implies, this coin celebrates Mandela’s 90th birthday. The 2000 Millennium Coin is also very rare. This coin was released as a way to show respect to Mandela when he retired as State President. The 1994 Inauguration coin celebrates Mandela’s inauguration as President.

How Much Is The 2008 Mandela 5 Rand Coin Worth?

Want to know how much is the 2008 Mandela 5 Rand coin worthWell, keep reading.

If you’re really, really lucky, you’ll be able to get your hands on a 2008 Mandela 5 Rand Coin. As mentioned above, this is the rarest of Mandela coins and it tends to be more valuable. The bi-metallic coins feature the bust of Nelson Mandela, as well as the national arms of South Africa. In the early days, these coins weren’t worth a whole lot. In fact, before the passing of Mandela, it would have been possible to purchase one of these coins for five to fifteen dollars. This has changed significantly.

Value Of Mandela R5 Coin After His Death

As mentioned above, the Mandela R5 Coin’s value soared to new heights after the President’s death. Today, this coin is considered to be the most valuable Mandela coin of all. Several years ago, three of these coins sold for R100,000 or $10,000 each. Today, the coins may be worth even more. As long as you do your research and find the right buyer, there is a good chance that you’ll be able to make a bundle.

Where To Sell Mandela Coins

If you are loaded down with Mandela R5 coins, you will be happy to learn that there are a variety of places that you can get rid of them. Of course, you have the option of using eBay and other online auction sites, which are great because individuals from around the globe can literally go through bidding wars over your coins. While this might offer the highest prices, if you don’t have the time to wait around for individuals to go through a bidding war, you have other options as well. One of these options could be selling to a coin company.

As you already know, all Mandela coins are worth something. Nevertheless, it is the 2008 Mandela 5 Rand coin that takes the top spot. This coin is incredibly valuable. Just remember to use some caution when attempting to sell your coin. Make sure that you choose a reputable dealer and be sure that you get top dollar for the coin!


  1. Hi there!
    I have, estimated to around 30 Mandela 2008 R5 rand coins. Most of the R5 Rands are in mint condition. Can someone say what it worth

  2. I have 97 off 2008 Mandela coins. They are uncirculated coins. How do I go about marketing them? Do I need to get tehm graded first?

    • Hey I also haveMandela R5.00 coins:-
      Mandela Heads
      90 Yrs : 1 coin – Year 2011
      Head only : 1 coin – Year 2008
      2 coins – Year 2018

      Order of the Companions – 3 coins – Year 2017
      Griqua Coins – 4 coins – Year 2015
      20 Years of Freedom – 1 coin – Year 2014

      Old R1.00 coin (Eng & Afr) – 1 coin – Year 1988
      Old 50c coin (Eng & Afr) – 2 coins – Year 1990
      Old 20c coin (Eng) – 1 coin – Year 1965
      Old 5c coin – 1 coin – Year 1982
      Old 1c coin – 5 coins – 1 of each – 1982/1982/1987/1988/1989

      Canada 25c (Queen Elizabeth II) – 1 coin Year 1989

      Mauritius Half Rupee – 1 x 1990

      1 Liam – 1 coin

      1 Kwacha – 1 note – Year 31 January 1975

      R Singh (Solly)
      078 408 9760

      some coins with me. These are the coins that I have:

  3. I have at least on of every Mandela coin, I’m based in Langebaan, Western Cape. Tell me what coin you would like and make an offer.

  4. Hi I have a mandela centenary coin that I am selling can anyone tell me what the current value of it is or where I can sell number is 0742104506 thanks

  5. Hi
    I have mandela coin R5 for 2008 and 3 for 2018
    I have Inauguration 1994 R5 silver u

    I have sliver coin 1954 .Elizabeth 11 Regina 6D

    I have 1920 coin

    I have 1964 …1/2 coin EENGRAG MASK MAG and for 1961

    I have R1 notes B 316


  6. I have R5 coin of OR Tambo 1917-2017, I also have 4 of Mandela R5 2008 also 2000 and 2011, if interested WhatsApp me on 0833619573

  7. I have few of Mandela coin 2008 i want to sell them and where can i sell them my number is 0739469826

  8. Hey guys I got two griqua r5 coins from 2015 mint looking two sell both together around 5000 to 10000 or 4000 to 10000, I live in gauteng, 0786085293.DARIUS IS THE NAME

  9. i am selling mandela R5 2008 coin please contact me 0768668725 resides arround Tembisa Jhb feel free to contact me at anytime

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